„Erasmus +” project “Millennials and Post-Millennials: Challenges and Opportunities for Teachers and Employers” partner meeting was held on 19-22 March, 2019. The project partner meeting and training was held in the Careeria Oy, Porvoo, Finland.

All project partners conducted surveys and did research. The aim of research is to determine the level of quality of communication and cooperation between teachers and learners and the ways how to improve the learning environment, methods and dialogue between the involved parties. Learners as well as teachers took active participation in the research. They gather information, share with their opinions about the quality level of communication and dialog between teachers and learners.

The teachers from Latvia, Finland, Bulgaria and Slovenia had discussions about the difficulties with Millennials (Y generation: 1980. – 1994.year) and Post-Millennials (Z generation: 1995. – 2010.year) in the teaching process. They discussed about the specific features of this generation and how to adapt the teaching and learning processes, about possible future education changes and how to teach Z and Alfa generations (2010. – nowadays).

The aim of training of teachers is to develop various methods on age based student particularities on effective use of interactive teaching methods, collaborative learning, meaningful integration of ICT tools into the learning process. The training was divided into two parts: in the theoretical part and in the practical part. Partners from Finland described Finland education system, challenges, obstacles and opportunities in the Porvoo International College in the theoretical part of training. All participants took active participation into group work with aim- to elaborate on new methods of Millennials and Post-Millennials student particularities in the practical part of training. Host partner Careeria Oy showed modern solutions with new educational technology implementations.


Presentations from training activities
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look here "VET in CAREERIA".