Erasmus + project “Millennials and Post-Millennials: Challenges and Opportunities for Teachers and Employers” multiplier event “Final conference” was held on 12 March, 2020. The conference took place in VECC "Riga State Technical School", Riga, Latvia. The conference was opened by the Principal D. Vanaga of VECC "Riga State Technical School". Project manager L. Adamsone showed the web page of the project and told about other created intellectual results in the scope of the project. Audience was informed about goal, main activities and results of the project. Lecturer, psychologist Z. Krike told about the differences of new generations and the ways how to improve the communication with Millennials and Post-Millennials. There were interesting discussions concerning different situation with these new generations. The event was enriched by a small theatrical scene featuring a job interview between employer (that represent X generation) and job seeker (that represent Post Millennium generation). Participants of conference attended two different workshops during the conference. Trained teachers who created new methods showed the most interesting ten methods to other teachers and staff.The conference was concluded with a short summary. Project manager L. Adamsone gave certificates of attendance. At the end of the conference all participants were filmed in the video greeting for the project partners in Finland, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

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Multiplier event in Riga video